veNFT -> $veVC

veNFTs can be migrated at a 1:1 ratio to $veVC tokens, corresponding to the quantities locked in the new $veVC. Before completing the veNFT migration, ensure all veNFTs are unvoted. Only unvoted veNFTs can be migrated to V2. Regardless of the number of veNFTs you possess, migration will be done in one go, equal to the total amount of $VC you have locked.

Beginning at 00:00 AM UTC on September 21st, all gauges on V1 LPs will first be deactivated, making it impossible to vote or distribute bribes/rewards on V1.

To summarize according to the schedule, if you want to migrate your veNFT immediately when V2 and the migration features officially open on the 18th, you should not vote in the epoch starting on the 14th. Starting on the 21st, V1’s emissions will end, and all the gauges will also be deactivated. From this time on, please do not vote your veNFT on V1 and use Velocore V2 by migration.

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