Migration Schedule

Velocore V2 on zkSyncEra will officially open on September 18th. All features, including swap, add liquidity, and vote-bribe, will be available, and emissions will be provided as well. All migration features will also be available, allowing immediate migration of V1’s $VC token, unvoted veNFT, and LP through the one-step migration feature.

Starting from the new epoch on September 21st, all the gauges will be killed, emissions for V1’s liquidity pools will be stopped, and voting through the dApp will be disabled.

  • V2 and migration launch: September 18th, 00:00 AM UTC

  • Migration process: Via one-step migration feature in V1’s migration tab

  • Pre-requisites: veNFTs must not be voted after September 21st, 0 UTC

  • End of V1 emission, voting, and bribing: September 21st, 00:00 UTC

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