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ve(3,3) Innovation

The DeFi ecosystem is rapidly changing, and recently, the most attention has been drawn to Solidly, which proposed a vote-escrow system-based ve(3,3) mechanism and its various forked protocols.
As Solidly-inspired protocols proliferate, the conversation around its DEX model and potential improvements continues to grow, and we can now look forward to a variety of Solidly enhancements emerging.
Amidst this exciting landscape, we are delighted to spotlight an exceptionally unique and innovative DEX model, Velocore V2.
There may be some changes that deviate from the strictly used definition of ve(3,3). However, the innovation of Velocore V2 boldly improves and advances even some elements that were sanctified. For the sake of convenience, the term "ve(3,3) mechanism" may be used, but essentially it is used in the broader sense that the creation of a governance token through a reward token to distribute protocol revenue and maintain voting power is beneficial to all. Please understand this in its broader sense.
Let's take a closer look at the groundbreaking features!
Last modified 4mo ago