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Gas Optimization

We have meticulously crafted every nook and cranny of our AMM model and vote/bribe to save gas, even if it meant coding in Yuls or byte units instead of traditional Solidity programming. Furthermore, we've conducted extensive structural overhauls to enhance efficiency.

Token Vault

Minimizing Storage Slot Usage

Among all the procedures in Solidity, the ones that impose the most significant cost are the creation and modification of new storage slots. To minimize this, we employed various tactics, relentlessly optimizing until we reached a point where further reduction was no longer possible.

Native Batch Transaction

This issue can be significantly improved by partnering with an Account Abstraction wallet. By incorporating multiple actions into a single function directly within a contract, substantial cost savings can be achieved.

And many other techniques...

You can read more about how much money you can save by using Velocore and how it's like getting free liquidity here.
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