Bribe Optimization

Previously, rebalancing was a process that took place only once a week, a duration considered lengthy in the fast-paced crypto world, leading to its effectiveness being called into question. However, our new system immediately initiates a beneficial cycle as follows:

  • Pools with higher transaction volumes generate more internal bribes, which in turn instantly boost the voting Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

  • This increased APR attracts more votes, leading to an increase in emissions, thereby elevating the APR for LP stakers.

  • This surge in APR then attracts more LP stakers, resulting in a larger pool Total Value Locked (TVL), thereby reducing slippage.

  • The outcome of this process is an increase in transaction volume within that pool.

A similar virtuous cycle applies for the external bribe as well.

Under this new system, those offering bribes no longer need to fret over the possibility of their bribes not translating into appropriate votes.

Every contribution is now guaranteed to hold value!

This modern, efficient system ensures that your bribe's worth is maximized, reflecting the real-time dynamics of the crypto landscape.

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