Free Loot Box for Future Airdrops


Passport to Renewed Daily Loot Box System

  • Receive Free Boxes Daily: Obtain boxes daily based on your previous week's Swap/LP/Gov ranking tier.

  • Weekly Score Utilization: Tier determination relies on a weekly score, not historical data.

  • Epoch End: At each epoch's end, boxes can be opened, and rewards from unopened boxes will return to the pool for the next epoch.

  • Claim & Open: Claim and open boxes using the AA Paymaster feature for non-ETH tokens.

  • Reward Types: Rewards include USDC, ETH, VC, partner tokens, and zkSync airdrop allocation NFTs.

  • For Existing Contributors: Based on a snapshot of passport scores and POAP (NFT) holdings, additional boxes will be awarded weekly until all allocated extra boxes are distributed.

  • Weekly Quests: Users can undertake weekly quests for bonus boxes. Initiatives include Velocore's original quests and collaborations with partner protocols.

  • Important Dates:

    • Snapshot for Passport Season 1 Scores (Swap/LP/Gov): February 26th, 0 UTC.

    • First Epoch Start: February 29th, 0 UTC, recurring every 7 days.

Referral System

  • Earn with Friends: Receive 1 bonus box for every 5 weekly quests completed through your referral link.

Why Renewal?

Challenges in Goal Setting and Motivation

  • Current Passport Score: The previous system lacked clear achievement paths and immediate rewards, leading to reduced participation. The new system introduces weekly lucky draws for tokens, including ETH, VC, and NFT rewards associated with future airdrops.

Unifying Separated Scores

  • Scoring System Overhaul: With the imminent launch of zkSyncEra's token, a unified scoring system for fair distribution is now in place, addressing the disparities in achieving scores across different sectors.

Concentrating Airdrops to Current Loyal Users

  • Targeting Active Users: To intensify rewards for loyal users rather than airdrop bots, ensuring airdrops reward ongoing engagement and contribution to the ecosystem's growth.

Introducing zkSync’s Native AA Feature

  • Pre-experience AA UX: Familiarize users with zkSync's native AA feature through ERC20 paymaster transactions, encouraging broader adoption.

The New System: Daily Loot Boxes and Airdrops!

Introducing Daily Loot Box

  • Daily and Weekly Quests: Draw 1 loot box daily per category (Swap, Liquidity, Governance), with additional bonus grade boxes for completing weekly quests. Weekly quest bonuses can be claimed as soon as they are confirmed completed, and can only be claimed for the corresponding week.

  • Box Grades and Rewards: Five tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Bonus. Higher tiers have a bigger chance of getting rarer NFTs and more significant token rewards.

  • Paymaster Required: The claiming and opening of boxes must utilize the paymaster feature, specifically with non-ETH tokens.

  • First Epoch Start: February 29th, 0 UTC, recurring every week (7 days).

Open Collected Boxes at the End of the Week

  • Discover Rewards: Upon each epoch's conclusion, open your boxes to find NFTs or tokens, with rarities based on the box grade. Boxes can only be opened during the subsequent epoch.

Settlement for Existing Passport Scores & POAPs

Additional Box Rewards through Weekly Vesting

  • Additional Box Rewards through Weekly Vesting: A snapshot of the three categories of passport scores, including POAP NFTs, will be taken to measure zkSyncEra users' cumulative contributions.

  • Ranking and Reward Vesting: Your ranking, based on passport scores and NFT holdings, will determine the number and tier of additional boxes awarded to you. These boxes vest weekly and accumulate as your weekly reward.

  • Weekly Bonus Box for Passport Scores: Over 10 weeks, receive an extra box per rank each week. Unopened boxes by the time of the next weekly release will disappear.

The reason for the different cutoffs in each category is that the number of addresses that have swapped is more than ten times higher than in other categories. This was done to keep the effort required to reach higher tiers similar while making it relatively easier for direct VC lockers (Gov score) to achieve them.

  • Weekly Bonus Box for NFT Holders: The distribution of extra boxes, reflective of each NFT holder's tier, will follow a weekly vesting schedule. Unopened boxes by the time of the next weekly release will disappear.

  • Snapshot for Passport Season 1 Scores (Swap/LP/Gov): February 26th, 0 UTC.

Referral System

Earn with Friends

  • Referral System: Users can invite friends using the link provided on the Lootbox page. Referrals are activated when the friend accesses Velocore with the referral link and connects their wallet.

  • Referral Bonus: An extra box is awarded for every five bonus boxes your referred friends earn from weekly quests.

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