PASSPORT - F'air drops

Prepare the airdrops fairly and predictably

Historically, not many users actively contributed to the ecosystem with the intent to benefit from airdrops. During profitable airdrop events like UNI, 1INCH, and others, the participant pool was relatively small, hence the penalties for Sybil attacks were minimal. However, following high-yield events like ENS, Optimism, Blur, Arb, etc., the number of participants has been growing, leading to an increase in hunters making transactions mechanically and consequently exacerbating problems for protocols. This trend will likely make it increasingly crucial to be an active user in the ecosystem. The contribution level will become a more significant determinant than merely executing transactions.

As above, the number of wallets engaging in active transactions is reaching 750,000 and increasing. Therefore, it's conceivable that by the day of zkSync token's Token Generation Event (TGE), there might be over 5 million wallets, regardless of their transaction volume. Even with an average gain of $10 per wallet, that totals over $50 million. Eventually, we can predict an unprecedentedly robust filtering system that will distinguish between users who merely made transactions and those who significantly contributed to zkSync, and allocate rewards based on these activities, rather than a flat distribution for all.

The Passport system is designed to set a benchmark for quantifying user activity and contributions on chains where airdrops are anticipated, including zkSync. Additionally, when Velocore, functioning as an ecosystem protocol, offers perks to its users, we plan to reward them according to their Passport score. This transparent method provides a clear indication of the percentage share they can expect from the total distribution, ensuring fair allocation.

We aim to quantify and display various metrics like swap, liquidity addition, voting, vcVC holdings, POAP ownership, etc., on Velocore in one place. The precise criteria will be transparent within the Passport system.

In addition to this, we're developing the Passport system as a unique aspect exclusive to Velocore, integrating POAPs and various exciting events. Going forward, the Passport system will evolve to function as Velocore's distinct identity for all our community members.

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