Migration Plan

As we launched the first zkEVM ve(3,3) DEX and continued to operate after launch, we felt a strong desire to overhaul and innovate every aspect of V1, from its AMM structure and voting system to its UI/UX. This led us to the realization that a fresh, independent codebase for Velocore V2 was essential. This meant a natural upgrade from V1 was impossible, necessitating a migration to V2. Hence, we first launched V2 on Linea, excluding the V1 to V2 migration process.

It's crucial that the migration process be rapid to prevent fragmentation of liquidity and confusion among users. Thus, we're considering launching an APR boost event to provide significant incentives for those who migrate swiftly. The strategy for each token's migration is as follows:

$VC 1:1 ExchangeveNFT -> $veVCOne-Step LP MigrationMigration ScheduleEmission Migration

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