Only $veTVC can be used to vote. Unlike typical ve(3,3) DEXs, Velocore V2 operates without epochs. $veTVC holders can vote at any time and for any pool they want, with the flexibility to change their vote as needed. The emission of rewards occurs in real-time, eliminating concerns about potentially missing out on rewards due to voting patterns.


Voting has several benefits that should be considered.

  • Voting directs $TVC token incentives. So if you care about this, vote accordingly.

  • Voting on a pool grants you a pro-rata share of all the trading fees of the pool you voted on. (Only the LPs that are staked to receive $TVC rewards)

  • Voting on a pool grants you a pro-rata share of all the bribes that are added to the pool by any 3rd party. Bribes can be added to a pool at any time. Bribes are released according to a schedule set by the briber in advance. Bribe rewards are available at any time similar to the farming rewards.

How to get $veTVC?

$veTVC can be minted on a 1:1 basis with $TVC as the default. However, since Velocore V2 supports trading of$veTVC tokens, the price of $veTVC is not always equal to $TVC. To avoid confusion and ensure optimal cost for acquiring $veTVC, if a user tries to mint $veTVC when the price of $veTVC is lower than $TVC,Velocore will automatically purchase $veTVC from the market and only mint the amount of $TVC needed to fill the gap. This feature is provided by Velocore itself.

Voting APR

In the front end, you will see a column that displays the voting APR.

This metric is calculated as follows;

Voting APR = Real-time bribe release (per sec) / (TV *$veTVC price) * 31,536,000 * 100%

year = 31,536,000 (365d * 24h * 60m * 60s)

TV = Total Number of Votes

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