Add liquidity

Following the swap example, here's an example of adding an ETH-USDC LP. The context is in the previous example, so I'll just paste the core code.

Here we're showing an example of creating liquidity using both tokens in a pair, but since Velocore's LPs all allow imbalanced deposits, it doesn't matter if it's just one. The frontend shows this as a 'Magic deposit'.

**Always refer Example Codes to see what was the exact implementation of helper functions like toToken, toPoolId, toTokenInfo.

// Add LP involves 3 tokens. ETH, USDC, LP token.
Token[] memory tokens = new Token[](3);
tokens[0] = toToken(IERC20(usdc));
tokens[1] = NATIVE_TOKEN;
tokens[2] = toToken(IERC20(usdc_eth_lp));

// Adding LP is swapping 2 tokens to 1 lp. So op type is again, swap!
VelocoreOperation[] memory ops = new VelocoreOperation[](1);
ops[0].poolId = toPoolId(SWAP,usdc_eth_lp);
ops[0].tokenInformations = new bytes32[](3);
// We use "EXACTLY" for the amount we know and "AT_MOST" for what we don't know exactly but expect to receive at least a certain amount.
// Want to use 0.1e6 USDC(index 0) + 0.001e18 ETH(index 1) in exchange for at least 0 LP(index 2). (apply your slippage here)
ops[0].tokenInformations[0] = toTokenInfo(0x00,EXACTLY,0.1e6);
ops[0].tokenInformations[1] = toTokenInfo(0x01,EXACTLY,0.001e18);
ops[0].tokenInformations[2] = toTokenInfo(0x02,AT_MOST,0);
ops[0].data = "";

//we just called execute() here but of course if you are calling an external contract with ETH value transfer involved,
// you should write it like this : vault.execute{value:0.001e18}(tokens, new int128[](3), ops);
return execute(tokens, new int128[](3), ops);

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