cf) wrapper functions

execute2() / execute3()

For those who don't feel comfortable writing all functions using execute directly, I've added some frequently used functions as execute2/3 functions via a helper facet. However, remember that stable pools have different addresses for gauge and pool, so you can't interact with gauge through this wrapper function.

You could see the actual implementation of execute2/3 wrapper link here.

This example allows you to harvest, swap each tokens, add lp, and stake all in one transaction without deploying a separate contract.

pragma solidity ^0.8.19;

import "src/lib/Token.sol";
import "src/interfaces/IVault.sol";
import "src/interfaces/IFactory.sol";
import "src/interfaces/IPool.sol";

contract Example {
    using TokenLib for Token;

    IVault vault = IVault(0x1d0188c4B276A09366D05d6Be06aF61a73bC7535);

    uint8 constant SWAP = 0;
    uint8 constant GAUGE = 1;

    uint8 constant EXACTLY = 0;
    uint8 constant AT_MOST = 1;
    uint8 constant ALL = 2;

    function run() external {
        address usdc = 0x176211869cA2b568f2A7D4EE941E073a821EE1ff;
        address vc = 0xcc22F6AA610D1b2a0e89EF228079cB3e1831b1D1;
        address eth = address(0);
        address usdc_eth_pool = vault.getPair(usdc, eth);
        address usdc_eth_lp = usdc_eth_pool;

        IERC20(0x176211869cA2b568f2A7D4EE941E073a821EE1ff).approve(address(vault), type(uint256).max);
        // you can optimize gas by batching operations.
        // this example will execute them separately for clarity

        //swap usdc->eth
            usdc_eth_pool, SWAP,
            usdc, EXACTLY, 0.1e6,
            eth, AT_MOST, 0,

        //add lp and stake
        vault.execute3{value: 0.001e18}(
            usdc_eth_pool, SWAP,
            usdc, EXACTLY, 0.1e6,
            eth, EXACTLY, 0.001e18,
            usdc_eth_lp, AT_MOST, 0,
            usdc_eth_pool, GAUGE,
            usdc_eth_lp, EXACTLY, int128(int256(IERC20(usdc_eth_lp).balanceOf(address(this)))),
            vc, AT_MOST, 0,

        address[] memory path = new address[](3);
        path[0] = usdc;
        path[1] = eth;
        path[2] = vc;

        //you can also use uniswap-like interface
            1e18, 0.9e18, path, address(this), block.timestamp


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