Launch Details

Velocore V2 on Telos operates as an independent system from Velocore V2 on zkSyncEra and Linea. Velocore on Telos utilizes its unique $TVC and $veTVC tokens, and the launch is not based on a token presale but rather through liquidity bootstrapping in partnership with Telos Foundation.

However, through LayerZero, users from the existing zkSyncEra and Linea will be able to bridge their $VC and $LVC tokens to the Telos mainnet. This will enable users to utilize their existing tokens within the Telos mainnet ecosystem.

Launching Schedule

  • Official launch and emission go live — November 14th at 3AM UTC

  • The front end will be released in advance to ensure a smooth user experience

Launching Method

  • Without a presale, Telos Foundation and Velocore will each supply 25,000 $USDC and 250,000 $TVC as initial liquidity.

  • An airdrop of $veTVC for existing zkSyncEra and Linea ecosystem users will take place. Details will be announced later.

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