Accumulating Swap Fees in LP Tokens

Typically, a swap fee accrues into one of two tokens tied to the LP, determined by the transaction's direction. However, this setup can lead to inefficiencies for voters who receive these internal bribe rewards. Often, they hold various tokens they aim to eventually harvest and swap. To claim and swap each token individually, they must perform multiple actions, consuming both time and gas.

With Velocore V2, we've introduced batch swaps, enabling rewards to be held as LPs. Users can then choose the form in which they wish to receive their tokens during harvest. They have the flexibility to either withdraw all accumulated LP tokens as rewards and receive them as individual constituent tokens or swap them all into a single desired token. They can even consolidate different rewards from multiple pools into a single reward, streamlining the harvest. This mechanism enhances the harvesting process, saving users time and reducing gas costs.

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