Launch Event

Thanks to the grant support from Telos Foundation, our expansion into this new ecosystem offers substantial benefits to our existing community and will be bootstrapped with various exciting events.

Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Total $50,000 Value of $TVC-USDC Pool Seed Liquidity $TVC + $TLOS will be seeded by both Velocore team and Telos Foundation.

  2. 41.7% of the initial supply of Telos Velocore’s $TVC will be airdropped as $veTVC in proportion to the Passport score of zkSyncEra and Linea users. Please see below for further details.

  3. Boosting Bribe with $50,000 Value of $TLOS $TLOS will be provided as an external bribe to $veTVC voters, helping to kickstart the bribe flywheel within the Telos ecosystem.

  4. Bridge Your Existing $VC and $LVC Tokens to Telos Mainnet (Soon!) Utilizing LayerZero, you will be able to bridge your $VC and $LVC tokens to the Telos mainnet, allowing for the formation of incentivized pools with $VC or $LVC on the Telos mainnet.

Stay in the loop — there’s plenty brewing with Velocore and the Telos Foundation. We’re cooking up a host of events and announcements that our community members will surely love. With so much unfolding, you’re going to want to join us for every step of this exciting journey.

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